HIMO T1 Electric Bicycle was launched at MiOT Crowdfunding Platform

MiOT Ecosystem Partner HIMO launched a crowdfunding campaign for the new T1 Electric Bicycle.

In terms of design, it looks like a scooter. The price of the vehicle is very affordable. It costs like a smartphone — about 445$.

So what are the main features of it?

The model features a 350W brushless motor, 14000mAh battery that will be enough for 60km riding. But this rate is also can be expanded up to 120km in other modifications.

What else? Convenient seat, and dual brake system (front and rear) will provide you comfortable and safe riding.

The materials were chosen strictly, one of the requirements was their fire resistance.

Also, the model has a front headlight and LSD display that shows speed, battery charge level, and riding mode.

The sales of the model are expected in summer.

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